Unathi puts hater on blast

It's womens month and Unathi is not having it 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Unathi Nkayi  | Drama

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Media personality and musician Unathi has been striding in the entertainment industry while dabbling her career and putting work at the gym, and she's been looking great while securing and living her best life, but it's not all her followers have been settled by her happiness.

If we were to count the many times that celebrities get trolled for their posts, you would lose count. A public post always puts you subject to public scrutiny and it was no different for Unathi this time around, where an Instagram user dragged the media personality for her toes.

After posting her fitness progress on social media, exposing her belly, arms and feet...

SPRING day is 29 days AWAY! Hallo Ma Babey

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 A troll commented on the post - claiming to be a former fan of the musician - bringing attention to the way that Unathi had placed her toes in the picture.

Unathi went on to bash the girl for her desperate attempt to hate on her during woman's month: "This women’s month...Thank you, lady, for your hate"

Actress Jessica Nkosi was also amongst the fans that put their foot down against her sketchy comments. 

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