U.S Celebs who would immigrate to SA after Donald Trump's victory

They're always visiting so they might as well move here...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

Samuel L Jackson and Winnie Ntshaba

Seeing as it is highly likely that Donald Trump might be America's new president, all the people who joked about immigrating might just have to do it. Seeing as the following people are always here, we feel that they will be able to survive. 

1. Trey Songz. 

We know he likes to ask 'which one of y'all going home with Trigger?' but he might just have to come home with us now.

Trey Songz in SA

2. Chris Brown

He's been here so many times that he was even on Generations, if that doesn't qualify him for citizenship, we don't know what will. 

Chris Brown and Wizkid

3. Samuel L. Jackson

Not only is Uncle Sam in South Africa on a regular basis but (like Chris) he was also on Generations at some point... He also stated that he would move to South Africa if Donal Trump is elected as the next American president...Welp! Uncle Sam we're waiting for ya!

Samuel L. Jackson on Generations

4. Anthony Hamilton

Anthiny Hamilton

5. Ne-Yo

Basetsana Kumalo will be waiting for him with open arms.

Ne-Yo and Bassie

6. R. Kelly

r. kelly

7. Tevin Campbell

Tevin Campbell

8. Monique Bingham

Monique Bingham

9. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

10. Felicia Mabuza-Suttle

11. Charlize Theron… 

No wait, we have a feeling she’ll be fine in The States...

Charlize Theron

12. Lupita N’yonga  

You were born in Mexico AND you’re of Kenyan descent. Girrrrl you better start packing!

Considering Balmain

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Side note: Luyanda Potwana

Might want to hold of on those plans to immigrate to The States. And Melusi Gigaba might want to consider going easy on Mos Def, America is no place for him to be right now. Seeing as he can't have anymore parties in LA, a life in SA is looking pretty attractive right now.