Uyang'thanda Na: Respect to Rooi's confidence and persistence

He may be a laughing stock to many, but Rooi is one confident dude.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

Rooi Uyang'thanda na

Uyang'thanda Na has probably become one of South Africa's most loved reality shows. Since it began a few weeks ago, people have placed the show into their TV viewing schedule and it has been a joy-ride ever since.

On Tuesday we got introduced to Rooi, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who fell in love with a beautiful lady by the name of Mpumi after meeting her 3-months ago.

Rooi, who isn't exactly the most handsome guy we've seen on television explained that Mpumi has rejected him several times but because he is so in love with her he will not stop until she says yes to his love gesture.

But things became awkward real quick when Mpumi mentioned that she's into good looking guys who can dance.

Meanwhile, social media was comparing Rooi to Pitch Black Afro. These Twitter streets are so brutal!

But to be honest, they were not off the mark Rooi does look like a young version of Pitch Black Afro.

We also think Mpumi was totally out of his league, did you guys see how beautiful she is?


When Mpumi mentioned the type of men she's into we knew Rooi had no chance but he still soldiered on and we must admit, bringing a girl who has consistently rejected you, on national TV, just to be rejected again is some serious confidence.

Even some people were commending him for his bravery.

Even when Mpumi told him she has a boyfriend that she lives with, Rooi was hearing none of it.

This probably has to be our favourite tweet from the boyfriend announcement.

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Rooi lost some brownie points from us when he said he wanted to marry Mpumi. 

Dude, you've only known the woman for 3-months, plus she has a boyfriend she lives with and you still want to marry her? 


We guess the reality of Mpumi not wanting him settled in when Mpumi told Tats Nkonzo (the presenter) that Rooi is iMpinchi yakhe (Her homie). 

Just know that when someone refers you as their mpinchi your definitely stuck in the friend-zone for eternity.

The friend-zone hit Rooi so hard he then randomly started speaking about how delicious he's spinach was.

He then tried to console himself by mentioning that the rejection from Mpumi did not affect him that much as he doesn't date girls who have kids anyway. Really Rooi?

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Nonetheless, we'll commend Rooi for his bravery and for introducing the beautiful Mpumi to the rest of the nation, we hope he knows that he's chances of getting Mpumi or slim now. 

We can only imagine the thousands of good-looking men who can dance that are currently hunting down Mpumi on social media right now.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic