#UyangthandaNa: Alleged ex puts Tshireletso on blast

Wow this ex just released all the files.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama


The ex has gone out to call Tshireletso a psycho. Yikes! See this is one of the main reasons why going on UyangthandaNa? is such a risky business.

As usual, we are never underwhelmed by the episodes that air on UyangthandaNa

Moshe Ndiki & Parental Advisory Productions are probably the main reason why our Wednesday nights are so lit.

If it's not Moshe's hilarious comments, it's the cringe-worthy moments between the crusher & the crushee that have us rolling on the floor. And this past episode was no different.

UyangthandaNa introduced us to 24-year-old Tshireletso aka Trish who asked the assistance of the show to help her confess her feelings to her  22-year-old crushee

For some reason, the small age gap between her and the crushee did not settle well with some of the viewers. We still don't understand why though, it's not like they have a two-decade age gap.

However, what caught our attention was not the rejection that Tshireletso received from her crushee but the responses from people who were watching the show. 

One particular response that had us in shock was a tweet from a guy who claims he is Tshireletso ex-boyfriend. The man did not mince his words when he expressed the type of girlfriend Tshireletso was. 


Now you know when that tweet came out Twitterville was on some 'Yes, tell us more.' 


The ex then went on to reveal that the reason why they broke up was because of bad sex. Yikes, why you gotta put your bedroom business on social media like that though?

Earlier on in the show, Tshireletso shared that one of her exes cheated on her with one of her friends. Tshireletso had said that she had gone out to buy some smokes and when she returned to the house her then-boyfriend was playing Omunye 'Phez'khomunye games with her friend on the couch.

However, this particular ex denied that he was the one that cheated on Tshireletso with the friend.


So guys, before you decide to go on UyangthandaNa? please think twice because you might find an old flame coming out of the wood-works and putting your business all over social media.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic