#UyangthandaNa: Halala! Thato got an 'Upgration'

Yes! Love wins again, Thato got out of the friendzone, bricked someone and got the girl of her dreams. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama


You're probably watching Uyang'thanda Na? and wish you had an ounce of courage like Thato don't you?

Thato from Vosloorus has been in the friend zone for way too long and because she could no longer hide her feelings for her close friend, Ntokozo, she decided to take her on the dating show to express just how much she loves her.

But here's the tricky part, Ntokozo has been in a three-year relationship, but Thato was clearly not fazed by that. We agree with social media folk, Uyang'thanda Na? is slowly becoming a bricking show.

Thato did not mind that Ntokozo is still in a relationship with another person as she believes Ntokozo is not happy in that relationship.

Here are just some of our favourite moments from Tuesday night's episode.

The random singing

Thato's awkward moments were our favourite, as soon as Ntokozo walked into the room she began singing, she sounded horrible. Thato even admitted that she can't sing but wanted to serenade her love-interest.



If you're wondering why everyone is using the term 'upgration' on social media this is why...

Thato was very adamant in getting out of the friend zone, she didn't even want Ntokozo to call her a best friend.

Poor Ntokozo looked so defeated...


At some point Thato was coming across as being very aggressive, we were convinced she was going to be shoved right back into the friend zone.

But we were wrong.

Ntokozo was quite puzzled at Thato's love gesture but she eventually gave in and gave Thato a chance, the two ladies even ended things off with a kiss and a hug.

Whilst some were relieved that Thato achieved her crush, some of us could not stop and wonder what will happen to Ntokozo's three-year relationship with her other partner?


Basically we watched someone get bricked and cheated on national television at the same time. 

What a time to be alive.

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