UyangthandaNa: Siza didn't care that Andile has a girlfriend

As the saying goes... 'Sthina ke bozza'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

Moshe Ndiki shocked

UyangthandaNa never seizes to amaze us, every episode feels like we're watching the dating the show for the first time.

Moshe and the UyangthandaNa crew traveled all the way to Durban to help Siza confess her true feelings to her high school love - Andile.

Siza let the whole of Mzansi know that she had been crushing on Andile since high school but she never got around to expressing her feelings to him as he was a bit of a class clown back then.

Fast forward to 2018 and the young lady has finally plucked up the courage to let Andile know how she really feels.

Andile is quite a handsome young fella but there was just something about him that screamed 'I AM A PLAYER & HEARTBREAKER!'

And what he did next proved just that!

 When speaking to Moshe, Andile admitted that he has a girlfriend of two years, so already we knew that this situation was going to be awkward for Siza but boy we were in for a surprise.

Siza asked Andile if he loves her to which he said yes.

Remember, this is a guy who is in a relationship of two years.



Every viewer at this point was just shocked at how casual he was about this entire situation.

Even Moshe was perplexed at what had unraveled in front of him.

Siza was obviously over the moon about Andile's response and clearly did not care that Andile is already in a relationship.

She even mentioned that Andile's current relationship was not a main factor as she would now be the main madam. Like how Sway?

This meme was the whole nation's response to Siza's opinion about Andile's current relationship.


If there's one thing we learned about this particular episode is that a two-year relationship these days doesn't mean anything, you need to up it up a notch and be together for at least five years or even 10-years. Maybe you should get married before you can even assume you've got anything serious going on with your partner. Siza we are scared of you.

Our poor parents were watching that episode on some...