Chilli M's Son Puts Him On Blast!

Apparently he was an absent father.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Vukani "Chilli M" Masinga  | Drama

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Chilli M's son, Mongezi revealed some shocking details about his radio veteran father.

Publicly, Chilli M possessed all the makings of an ideal radio broadcaster. His natural flair, rare talent and brave personality secured him a prestigious seat above rest. Unfortunately, behind closed doors lived another person that his children were largely unhappy with  - an absent father.

During the funeral service of Chilli M at Vosloorus Civic Centre, his son, Mongezi was awarded an opportunity to say a few words about his late father - only to shock the mourners with quite some sensitive revelations about the late media personality.

According to Sunday Sun, Mongezi was quoted as saying: ''We hear how everyone speaks about how we should forgive our father but we will never, like… uhmm ever. I didn’t know my father but then I started snooping on him on Google and stuff like that, seeing some of his articles and then I actually started being envious of him.''

 ''I know dad loved us. He really, really loved us and hey, we love him also. But then we were angry at ourselves and our father was angry at himself because we are proud, we are proud people.''

The entertainment industry, especially the radio fraternity, will forever remember Chilli M, whose real name was Vukani Masinga, for having pioneered this part of the industry. The radio juggernaut died from natural causes last week.

Although his bravery and somewhat peculiar approach to presenting had mostly landed him into hot water - It's safe to say that Chilli M, was indeed a misunderstood renegade within radio broadcasting.

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