#ZAlebsBeauty - What alcohol does to your skin

Phuza face is real 

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#ZAlebsBeauty - What alcohol does to your skin

There is a running South African joke about what alcohol does to your face and while we are amused by talk about ‘phuza faces,’ the effects alcohol has on your skin - particularly the skin on your face - are real. 

Alcohol has various effects on human skin and all those negative effects combined result in a ‘phuza face.’ But what exactly makes up a phuza face?

It dehydrates your skin

Anyone who has woken up with a headache and a dry mouth after a hectic night out can attest to the dehydrating effect of alcohol. It does the same thing to your skin, but instead of being able to complain about i’babalaas, your skin will just develop lines and wrinkles, causing you to look older than you are . The dehydration will also make your skin look dull and lifeless.

effects of alcohol on your skin

It damages the liver

Believe it or not, liver damage shows in the skin. According to Beauty and Tips’ website, “alcoholic drinks contain toxins that, over time, will damage the liver.” In the worst case scenario, it can lead to fatal liver damage but even when things are not that bad, it can leave your skin looking pasty with large pores.

effects of alcohol on your skin

It deprives your skin of nutrients

Drinking too much, too often, inhibits nutrients from reaching your skin and that affects your skin colour, leaving you looking lifeless. 

It can cause rosacea (which mostly affects people who are lighter in complexion)

Rosacea is a skin condition that cause permanent facial redness. You can also see the capillaries of rosacea sufferer more clearly under their skin. In the worst case scenario, the condition can cause painful lesions on the skin.

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It makes cellulite worse 

Although this does not really apply to the face, cellulite is aggravated by toxins and drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis affects your liver and that can cause toxins to build up in your body. 

Red wine can aggravate certain skin conditions

This is because red wine can cause an increase in the release of histamine into the body, which can cause severe flushing (affecting rosacea and aggravating sinusitis).

It affects your eyes

How? Firsty, alcohol disrupts the REM sleep cycle so you don’t sleep as well as you normally would and you wake up with puffy eyes and develop dark circles under the eyes over time. Secondly, it enlarges the small blood vessels in the eyes, which is what causes painful, bloodshot eyes in the morning. And as it does with the skin, it can dehydrate the eyes, adding to the pain. 

While some drinks are better than others, Cosmopolitan lists white wine, margaritas, mojitos and other sugary cocktails among the worst drinks to have as they contain sugar, alcohol and sometimes salt. So Zodwa Wabantu won't really be affected by her (*insert drink of choice*). 

So there you have it ladies and gents, take it easy with those alcoholic beverages this easter weekend. 

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