What's up with that S.A promoters?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Drama

In the month of February South Africa’s entertainment industry will be buzzing with excitement as the international likes of Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and the rap God himself Eminem touch down on our shores for their much anticipated tours.  To be honest we’re not sure who’s really excited about Big Seans arrival, besides his somewhat weak raps, not many of us have taken a liking to him since he put a ring on sexy “Glee” actress Naya Rivera, yes we’re jealous. 

Credit: Facebook/Khuli Chana

In the midst of our excitement in welcoming these three acts we couldn’t help but wonder if the presence of such international names will lead to yet another situation where our local artists are treated as mere lavatory residue. (We tried to make this sound as less graphical as possible.)
A recent altercation with a promoter occurred during Wale’s appearance at the Castle Lite Sub-Zero experience in Durban.  A disgruntled Kiernan Forbes better known as rapper – A.K.A voiced his views on the poor treatment he received from the organizers.  This also reminds us of yet another incident where the likes of Khuli Chana and Reason complained about the poor sound and lighting arrangements made during their sets at an undisclosed venue featuring 2 Chainz who miraculously received perfect lighting and sound for his set.

Now we acknowledge that we do not know the on goings and deals made between promoters and artists on paper, but there seems to be a worrisome pattern of promoters giving local artists grief especially when international artists or should we say international rappers step foot into the country.   We’re not saying that all promoters are tagged with this “bad promoter” name but those who are; sure do make their unprofessional business manners known.  Could this pattern be caused by the misconstrued idea that international rappers have more performance flair than our own local artists? In our opinion this could hardly be the case, have you seen how the likes of Khuli Chana and AKA tear the house down after a sizzling performance?  And we need not remind you of J.Cole’s below average performance at the Big Brother Finale two years ago.


So we ask ourselves, are promoters mesmerized by the powerful brand that comes with dealing with international artists that they neglect their very own home grown talent? Or are our local artists demanding too many perks and high fees for their set? Surely if your talent is of a high standard shouldn’t the treatment from promotions be of equal amount?

What's your opinion about the struggle of professionalism between promoters and local artists?