#Widowed: A Friend Like Jane

...Is hard to come by

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

Remember back in high school when one just simply dived in, in any clique just so to feed our need to belong, and it didn't matter if the entire group upheld the same vibes or values- as long we had friends.

However there comes a point in life where one earns for true and genuine friendships and those frivolous ones no longer feed your soul because, the realities of life require a solid group of friends to assist in lightening the burden. However, values such as caring deeply for one another and steady support in good and bad times has to be reciprocated, to ensure the longevity of the friendship.

This past weekend's edition of Mzansi Wethu's hit reality show, Widowed featured two women who share a beautiful and empowering friendship.

Widowed is a show whereby widow's are given a platform to address certain misunderstandings regarding the loss of their husbands usually within the family. Finding closure is primal in these engagements hence some widows got accused of being responsible for the death of the husband, usually by the in laws.

However in the latest episode of Widowed, there was an empowering twist of the premise of the show. A woman named, Jane had reached out to the show - hoping to seek some kind of help for her dear friend, Monica,  who is a widow.

Monica lost her husband, Kgotso not too long ago, after being diagnosed with Leukemia. Proving just how strong their love was, Monica has since felt like the death of her husband took her with. Coffee every morning and cooked dinner in the afternoon,  all seem like typical scenes from a movie, but not for Monica, as she revealed that her husband treated her like a Queen.

Such a marriage is rare, which then makes one understand just how difficult it must be for Monica to come to terms with the tragic end of such a deep connection.

Monica is truly blessed to have been surrounded by sound and caring people such her late husband and Jane as unwavering friend.

This inspiring move by Jane proved that true friendships really do exists and many lauded her on social media.

Although Monica stated that its too early for her to start accepting the death of her husband, hence it hasn't been even a year. She is however willing to start attending therapy sessions as a means of healing, of which she did as per the goal of the show and her friend's wishes.

Friends like Jane are few and far between. There truly is hope for real friendship, isn't there?

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Main Image Credit: Mzansi Wethu