Give Me Back My Millions

Zahara is coming for every cent that is owed to her

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zahara  | Drama

At the beginning of the week, Zahara had revealed that she was about to announce the painful truth about the music industry and her struggles as an artist.

At the time, no one was sure what truth she would be revealing, but during her Tru FM interview on Tuesday afternoon, everything came to light.

Just as she'd mentioned earlier on in the week, Zahara expressed that many artists find themselves in terrible situations because of the cards they've been dealt with and how artists eventually give themselves to alcohol, drugs and sex to sustain themselves in the music industry.

During the interview, Zahara made it clear that she does not want to be a statistic and that she does not want her situation to be read when she's no longer here, but would rather she be asked about this situation while she's still alive. 

Zahara was then asked what it was that was eating her up so much that she is even open to tell anyone who is willing to lend her an ear.

With no hesitation, Zahara revealed that she wants her money from TK Nciza and DJ Sbu from her three albums Loliwe, Phendula and Country Girl.

Zahara expressed that she's been covering up this secret for a long time, but she can now no longer do so. The singer also revealed that the reason why she's doing this is that she wants to set an example for other artists. Zahara wants artists current and up and coming artists to be brave enough to speak up about such issues and to know and understand the industry that they're about to get themselves into.

The multi-award winning singer was then asked if she had addressed this issue with DJ Sbu and TK before going public with it and she responded by saying that she's been speaking to them for a long time about this, but the two former co-owners have not been taking her seriously about the matter.

The singer was further asked how much she is owed and she estimated that it was in the millions, she could not give the exact amount as she explained that she is currently busy with her legal team who are trying to help her out with figuring the exact amount of money that is owed to her.

Zahara also explained that she is currently able to sustain herself because of the money she receives and saves from SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organization).

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ZaharaSA
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