Zahara hasn't received an apology from Somizi

Oh boy, this is getting even more serious than we thought.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Zahara  | Drama


After Somizi apologized for his bar comment directed at Zahara on Saturday at the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) we thought that all was well between the two entertainers, but it's clear that Zahara is not willing to brush this issue under the carpet until she gets her apology directly.

According to Daily Sun, Zahara is not taking this situation lightly and has not received any apology from Somizi directly.

Speaking to the publication, the singer said that she does not consider Somizi's sorry as an apology at all.

"I saw something online about him apologizing but I still haven't received an apology from him. How is 'sorry, Zahara, it was just a joke' an apology? Seriously?" said Zahara.

She further explained that Somizi should expect a letter of demand from her lawyers soon.

"I'm sending a letter of demand to him from my lawyers today. He has until the end of the week to make a formal apology to me. I'm not playing! Why don't I know about this apology? He hasn't contacted me!" she told the publication.

Looking at our Facebook page some of you are for Zahara demanding an apology...

Whilst some of you think Zahara is overreacting.

We shall wait and see if Somizi will apologize directly to Zahara before the end of the week. For now, the saga continues. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Zaharasa