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Rape Allegations Hit Zizi Kodwa.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zizi Panther  | Drama

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This past weekend was abuzz with reports that African National Congress (ANC) acting national spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa has been alleged to have raped a 28 year old woman at a private party sometime last year, April.

The National elections are around the corner therefore politically instigated claims are bound to deliberately surface as this is a common sport within the realm of politics worldwide.

However one can never tell if these claims are true or not because politicians have the knack for playing the ''denying game''.

Speaking at a recent press conference, ANC's Deputy Secretary General, Jessie Duarte has urged the alleged woman to open a case of rape against Zizi Kodwa.

"The advice we had given the complainant is that she needs to go to the criminal justice system( Police Station), with her complaint in the sense that, it is a lot different when there is a difficulty within your staff and membership, as according to our understanding, this incident took place at a private setting, of course that is the allegation.''

According to EWN, speaking on behalf of the Women's League, Secretary General, Meokgo Matuba has called for an immediate suspension and the mother body(ANC) should consider ripping him off his membership title.

“We take issues of gender-based violence very serious as we know women are being raped and killed, there is femicide in our country. We are saying the ANC must investigate the matter and we appreciate the approach taken by the ANC.”
Whatever the case may be, it is clear the politician is in a lot of trouble. 

Main Image Credit:Instagram/eNCA.

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