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This is far from over!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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Zodwa Wabantu has been riding on a high ever since making it into the mass public eye. The Afrotainment signee is both loved and hated for her bold and proud nature. But everything seems to be taking a dive lately for the dancer.

Fans were eagerly anticipating the premier of Zodwa's reality show when it aired earlier this year. Since then, thousands across the country have turned in to get a better look at the person Zodwa really is. Unfortunately, they did not expect the homophobic and transphobic rant that aired in a recent episode.

The internet has been debating since it aired about whether or not Zodwa should be allowed to keep her show if this is the kind of bigotry she chooses to share. The LGBTQ+ community feels especially outraged as people who share Zodwa's sentiments - be it innocent or not - are why so many queer people live in constant fear and danger. 

But this issue isn't ending as a simple argument. Yesterday a petition on was created by Musa Khawula to get Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored taken off the air. In an incredible show of support, the petition has managed to get nearly 4,000 signatures in less than a day! 

But that doesn't mean anyone else is listening. Trending on Twitter today is a petition to Save Zodwa Uncensored. Her fans, people who agree with her comments and those who have opted to give her a pass on this one don't want to miss the entertainment value of Zodwa's hit show.

As it stands, the petition to save the show has almost 600 signatures and its only growing momentum. Just like the conversation online. Let's just say that there are ALOT of opinions on the matter.

Same sex marriage may be legal in our constitution, but it is clear that there is a long way to go until South Africa reaches a consensus on LGBTQ+ rights.

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