Is Zodwa Uncensored Getting Canned?

The channel is responding.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

On Saturday, Zodwa Wabantu offended viewers when she made homophobic comments about gay men.

During her popular Moja Love reality show, the media personality made a comment about gay men being 'sly' and shortly after that, there was social media backlash.

Since the comments became public, there have been calls to cancel the Moja Love show along with a petition at and complaints sent to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa.

The station has been mum on the growing backlash until now, on Thursday, the channel sent out a statement condemning Zodwa's statement, although the show is not being cancelled, the channel promised to do better.

"We do not condone any form of discrimination through sexuality, religion, gender and culture," the statement read in part. Read the full statement below:

A couple of days ago, Phat Joe found himself in hot water after he allegedly made anti-gay comments on his radio show:

"I don't understand why they (gays) can't accept that it's difficult for most people to accept their lifestyle." shared Phat Joe. He also went on to say that he has been nothing short of "disgusted" in the past when being "hit on" by a Gay man.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/ZodwaLibram