Watch: Zodwa Wabantu yanks weave from audience member

Yikes! Zodwa Wabantu really doesn't play like that.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

Zodwa Wabantu

The socialite recently showed how real she can get after an audience member taunted her during a show over the long weekend.

In the video, Zodwa is seen asking the crowd to show her the person who had disrespected her. Zodwa then throws what looks like a plastic glass towards the woman who retaliated by throwing water back at Zodwa.

The socialite clearly did not take this disrespect lightyly and proceeded to walk down the stage to yank the woman's weave.

WARNING: Contents of video contains vulgar language

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In the video, Zodwa is seen referring to the woman as a h** multiple times.

"Listen here, I don't deal with sh** You know why you love me? Because I'm you, I'm not a celebrity..."

Zodwa then continues to refer to the woman as a h** and then waves the wig she yanked from the woman at the crowd.

Zodwa went on to address the incident by saying that she had a wonderful time at the event and acknowledges that some women hate her, but they should not act on the hate.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Zodwalabrim

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