Zodwa Wabantu is bulding a spaza shop for her aunt.

Clearly family empoerment is important to Zodwa.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

Zodwa Wabantu

Founding family businesses has become quite a phenomenon between ordinary folks and well known personlities alike. With the likes of A-list celebrities, Shona and Connie Ferguson and The Mampofu siblings making their mark in the world of business and arts.

Joining in the fray is the eccentric Zodwa Wabantu. Speaking toDrum Magazine recently, this soon to be reality television star, revealed that she is building a spaza shop for her aunt, Nana Mlotshwa who currently resides in Mpumalanga. This comes after the star reunited with her family hence she was heavily mistreated by some family members'. However Zodwa has left all of that negative vibe in the past including being called derogatory names.

During this interview with Drum magazine, the trailblazing Zodwa also spoke about her up coming reality show airing in January 2019. The deal has already been secured and she cant wait for everyone to watch how she goes about her exciting daily manoeuvrings and not so glamorous life.

Zodwa was quoted as saying:''The show will focus on all things Zodwa, her work ethic, how she is afraid of poverty and goals in life''. She continued to add:''My life is not glamourous''.

Family empowerment is so important especially seeing that the country is in a difficult financial situation, therefore starting our own family empires ensures that the financial aspect of our future generation is secured.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@zodwawabantu01.