Zozibini Sings Praises Of Fierce Young Feminist

The girl's monologue is the content we signed up for.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Zozibini Tunzi  | Drama

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South Africa's beauty Queen and Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi, is beaming with pride after a video of a girl 'Taking up Space' in leadership went viral on social media platforms. 

The girl has earned a standing ovation after expressing her voice in an exceptional conversation about gender-based and equality roles between males and females. 

The boisterous young feminist melted Zozibini's heart who took to Twitter to express her excitement about the video and how the next generation will become well-rounded individuals who will achieve gender-based equality. 

Miss Universe wrote, "Reports say we are 108 years away from achieving gender equality and my Queen over here said, ‘wait a minute now ... hold my purse!’ A fearless army is rising and they are not here to play games. I’m here for it! Lead from the front lines my Queens ... the time is now."

The girl, who appears to be herding cattles, commands the spotlight and fearlessly speaks about how both genders should share duties in order to know how to do different chores. She reiterates that all genders are equal hence responsibilities should be shared. 
“I'm not different from (the) boys. You know people, they think that boys are the ones who are supposed to herd the cattle, do the cow stuff, the goat stuff, feed them, etc. While us girls, some of us want to see and feel and learn how to herd the cattle and some boys want to learn to do house chores,” she passionately explains."
Zozibini, who is passionate about women empowerment, has been very vocal about tackling gender inequality and it is beautiful to see this young feminist is heeding the call of taking up space.

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