Emtee On What Has Been Keeping Him Busy

The rapper is in a positive space

By  | Apr 14, 2022, 12:31 PM  | Emtee 

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Emtee was thrust into superstardom when he released his megahit Roll-Up in 2015 and since his debut, he has had many career highs and some unfortunate lows. 

At the height of his career, Emtee found himself trending for days after he accidentally exposed his private parts on camera while using the bathroom, however, the star managed to distance himself from that embarrassing moment.

A couple of years later, the media personality left Ambitious Entertainment in a very dramatic and public way. In a sit-down interview with MacG of Podcast & Chill, Emtee spilled the tea on why the relationship with his former recorded label turned sour.

Emtee explained that he felt that he was being overworked and the money he was getting was allegedly not enough. The rapper then went on to explain that he eventually grew tired of the disagreements and left, "I always try my best to not step out of character so even when I was feeling mad & like 'how can they do this to me', at the same time I would tell myself to walk away and close that chapter. I did not talk to people that would gas me up, I just kept it moving. I have two beautiful kids to focus on and a family.”

In 2021, Emtee had another public fallout but this time, it was with his wife who he allegedly accused of being 'controlling' and locking him out of their house. However, a couple of days later, the rapper apologized to his wife, "I’d like to apologize to the mother of my children, my wife Nicole. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. I love you Mrs Ndevu," he said.

It seems like the rapper is now in a better place, in an interview with Sikour on Slikour On Life, the star opened up about how he has taken a social media break to focus on being a dad and his record label, "Me deciding to step down from being super active is based on maturity, laying low and staying out of the way. I am trying to see who is going to do it [music] the same way I did."

He then went on to say that when the time comes, he will make his long-anticipated return to the socials and 'being that guy'," when the time is right for me to go back on that, I do not mind going back on social media and being that guy, it's just that right now I am just focused on the label and just growing."

On whether he has regrets or not, Emtee says he has none, "I have no regrets in whatever it is I do, even if I make mistakes, I feel like for me to have learned something, I must go through it first."

Another Hip-Hop star who takes his duties as a parent seriously is AKA. There is no doubt that the media personality is a doting dad to his daughter whom he shares with DJ Zinhle. Taking to his social media accounts, AKA usually shares snippets of his life as a dad.

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