Omuhle Gela ends Women's Month on a fab note

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

It’s been said many times, even on ZAlebs, that celebrities need to find ways to use their influence and platforms for good. As we came to the end of women’s month 2015, we joined Omuhle Gela as she did just that with her brilliant new initiative, Fab or #FabGirlsUnite.

As the Zalebs team sat down at The Sands Prive on Saturday morning, we were joined by over 20 other young ladies from and around Gauteng as well as several inspirational speakers who shared their stories. Omuhle first introduced us to her new campaign in an interview earlier this month.

With each speaker, the floor was opened to the guests of the day who also got to share their personal experiences and reveal the importance of self-esteem for young ladies, touching on everything from the images the media portrays to the messages that parents send to their kids.

Our hostess for the day, the bubbly Tumi Nhlapo set the mood by revealing some of the things we can all relate to sometimes. “How many times does someone walk in and you think to yourself, what is she thinking looking that good? Why do we need to put each other down?” It’s a question that has been asked several times, but one which has yet to be answered.


Shortly after the speakers had finished, we were able to catch up with the guests and celebrities in attendance on the day. We asked Tumi how important it was for celebrities to send positive messages to women around the country.



Oh, we also bumped into our competition winner, Itumeleng! Here she is having a great time with Omuhle and Tumi.



Right before we ended the day, we were treated to a Muay-Thai-Self-Defence exhibition. We had always known Melissa Phera was a kick-ass publicist, but we didn’t know that she took that term literally!


Thank you to everybody involved and ZAlebs is proud to support empowering initiatives like FAB.