6 Reasons Black Should Be Your Wardrobe Staple

... and how some of your faves are rocking it!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Fashion

Black Dineo

It's close to impossible to get wrong

Kuli Roberts in black suit

Did Kuli Roberts not look amazing just the other night on Trending SA, in this sharp, beautifully tailored suit? Those heels making this look all the more amazing. Do add popping white, just like Kuli, for that je ne sais quoi, even though a black shirt would have looked just as great. 

Wearing black eliminates the challenge of having to match colours, making it easy to pull off a look elegantly, and effortlessly.

Dressed up or down, black is always just fine!

Dineo at movie premiere

Dineo pulled this Quiteria & George look with such class at the premiere of "Love By Chance" last night. Black is a great equaliser in the sense that it is easy to dress up. So, whether what you are wearing is expensive (as we presume this designer outfit is), or you are rocking something from a thrift store, you can still look fab!

It flatters every skin tone

Colour can often clash with one's skin tone, but with black, the risk of that is not just significantly, but completely eliminated. We ALL look good in black.

It's perfect for every season

It never goes out of style


It is figure flattering, no matter your body type. Go ahead and look as a gorgeous as Nandi!

Nandi in black