How to create an all day make-up look

If you don't use these products, you're beating your face wrong

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How to make make-up last all day

If your daily routine is to apply some foundation, eyeliner and mascara before work and end up looking like you just woke up by lunch time then you are beating your face wrong.

There is a reason that a good face beat is considered artistry - because it is hard work and not everyone has the skill to pull it off. That's why you can expect to pay up to R2500 for one session. 

Gone are the days when the three items mentioned above were enough to look put together.

If you’ve ever wondered why your faves look great even after an entire day on set or out at an event, it is because they use a lot more than the aforementioned items. “What are these items?” you may ask? Well, read on to find out.


make up primer

Whether you are a full face beat kinda gal or a simple three-products girl, makeup primer should be an essential part of your everyday routine. Not only does it create a smooth base for foundation but it also combats shine in the same way banana powder does.

Make up primer south africa

The reason why it works so great is because it serves as a foundation for your foundation (it basically gives your make up something to hold onto so it lasts all day). It also works well in extreme weather as it means your make up won’t budge, smudge or melt.

Another great thing about primer is that you do not need tools to apply it. You apply it to your face like normal lotion. You don’t even need too much - a pea sized amount squeezed on to your fingertips should be enough. If you use too much, your make up will look horrible after a few hours.

You can also use it on your lips to keep make up popping for longer.

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BB or CC Cream 

Beauty balms or blemish balms have gained a crazy amount of popularity in recent years but like primer, you can’t beat your face without them. In fact, even the girls who don’t like using make up usually just use a little BB/CC cream and they’re good to go.

bb cream application

These cream act as a moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation all in one - but if your skin isn’t that great, we advise you still use primer and foundation in addition to a BB/CC cream.

Setting Spray

So this is pretty much the same as primer except it comes in a sprayable liquid form or aerosol form and it goes on your face AFTER you have done your make up. It is pretty much like the final step that helps keep EVERYTHING in place.

how to apply make up setting spray

Anyone can use the products that are on offer but if you tend to suffer from dry skin, avoid sprays that contain alcohol.

Once you’ve done a full face, hold the container at arms length and spray a few spritzes evenly over your face and allow it to dry naturally or fan it until it dries. DO NOT rub it in.

Dischem has an R80 version found in the aisles where they keep face washes but some brands such as Loreal also have their own kind which can be found at Dischem or Clicks.

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