Would you apply your make up using a condom?

We already know what you're thinking: "hell no! I wouldn't" but just allow us to explain...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Fashion

Would you apply your make up using a condom?

Innovation is the hallmark of any great industry and the beauty industry is no different. It wasn't so long ago that we were told that the best way to apply make up is by using our fingers but that has changed significantly over the past few years. 

We've gone from using regular triangular sponges...

triangle make up sponges

To specialised brushes...

foundation brush

To weirdly shaped sponges (called beauty blenders)...

rounded make up sponges and beauty blenders

To clear squishy applicators...

Clear make up sponge

And now make up bloggers and vloggers are experimenting with condoms... This is apparently a way to get the same results of the clear applicators above without having to spend an arm and a leg on buying and shipping the clear applicators. 

Vlogger Itzayana Lizbeth, popularly known as Beauty Vixxen, got the idea when her boyfriend, who is also a vlogger, filmed a video on the various things you can use condoms for. 

She tried both a condom filled with lotion and a balloon filled with water and found that the condom works pretty well. Better than the balloon in fact.

You would obviously have to wash/wipe the lubricant off before using it but we can't help but wonder what your face would smell like once you're done.

If your inner Mr. Krabs is thinking that using lotion is a waste of money, you can take a page out of make-up vlogger Laila Tahri's book and fill the condom with a beauty blender. 

Another reason why this trick sounds great is because unlike a sponge, the make-shift silicone applicator would not soak up all your foundation, and you would therefore use less and it would last longer. 

Laila Tahri condom make up application

So... would you guys try this out or do you think condoms should just be used for what they were intended for? 

Main image credit: youtube.com