Babes WoDumo is the crop top Queen. What will she wear in winter?

Here are a few ways she can keep cropping through the cold!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Fashion

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Babes ne crop

There's no more denying that we are now in the thick of winter. Well, in Johannesburg we definitely are. Even when the sun is up, one can still feel the chill in the air. If you dare go out without any layers, you must be one brave babe! So, considering Babes lives in tropical Durbs, maybe she can still rock the crop comfortably, but should she venture elsewhere, like Joburg, here are a few ways we think she can still keep her signature style item.

Ditch the shorts, and opt for mom jeans or wide leg trousers, boots and long coats or trenches

Babes crop and shorts

Bulk up on the fur, but keep it faux. You don't want the animal rights people getting on your style case!

Babes and the crop

You can also absolutely layer a blouse under that crop. 


Not this! But maybe a turtle-neck crop would do!

Babes hoodie crop

Of course on stage we imagine it gets pretty hot, and the best thing about wearing your crop in winter, is that once it gets hot, you can peel off all of the layers we suggest you incorporate into your winter-crop swag and keep doing odume ngazo!

Babes on stage

Images: Instagram/Babes Wodumo

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