Bag Lady: What's in Blue Mbombo's purse?

The media personality puts safety first, in several ways.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Blue Mbombo  | Fashion

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Some of us carry cellphones, laptops, maybe make-up, keys and other essentials in our bags, and what we carry often dictates what bags we use. 

Fashion Emergency Kit
Instagram/Secret Fashion Fixes

Maybe a wallet is all you need, but for someone like Blue Mbombo, who is often going off to shoots or events, it becomes necessary to carry a little more without compromising aesthetics, of course. We asked her what exactly it is she carries around with her on the daily.

Not one to be caught off-guard, Blue always carries a fashion emergency kit with her, which she says was a delightful recent discovery: 

"It has everything in it pins, nail polish, and even pads. I carry it with me so I don’t have to worry. Say, I’m at an event and something tears, I can easily go and fix it. So, I have that and pepper spray. I got mugged and harassed in Braamfontein recently, so I carry the pepper spray with me in case I ever find myself in a similar situation. I always have cologne. Right now it’s Creed. I have wipes, and shades, and hand sanitiser, should I carry on?"

Blue's bags
Blue's bags

When she's travelling Blue is a heavy packer, carrying multiple pieces of luggage because she's a girl who loves having options!

Although Blue hardly ever carries a backpack, she admits it can be useful when travelling.

 "I use it to carry things like my passport, boarding pass and things like that for easy access," she says, adding that she wouldn't, on an ordinary day, be caught dead with a backpack. Our advice, should you also not be fond of carrying backpacks, is to look at options that don't compromise aesthetic value. 

We find this brand - Research Unit - in particular, to have options that are well suited for the style conscious among us. 

These two leather and canvas options would look great with a casual look on any day, don't you think?

Research Unit bags
Research Unit

They also have great leather wallets, phone covers, duffels and more. Check them out here.

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