Our Weekend Style Crush is Bonnie Mbuli

She oozes class in that Kluk CGDT dress 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Bonnie Mbuli  | Fashion

Bonnie Mbuli

Even after about two decades in the limelight as a TV presenter, an actress, and author (her memoirs were at one point the most stolen book at Exclusive Books), Bonnie Mbuli remains not only one of our brightest, but also one of our classiest stars! This past weekend, her look at the Val De Vie Estate's Polo shot her right up on our list of weekend style crushes. What's not to love about what looks like a crystal embellished Kluk CGDT sheer dress?

Bonnie in a sheer dress

First off... Sheer dresses are the best! Few things communicate confidence more than a woman in a sheer dress, showing off her God-given beauty. We love it!

Bonnie and her horse

Quit horsing around and recognise. This lass seems to not be ageing. We die to know what her beauty secrets are!


Get your class on, boo!

And here, dear reader, is how you can do it too!

Recognise that a sheer dress is obvs quite revealing, so the best way to rock one is to get undergarments that match the colour of whatever sheer item you are wearing. A black slip-dress if the sheer dress is black, a nude one if that's the colour, but we're not mad at freeing the nipple either!

Black also works well with a white undergarment, whether it's a skirt, jeans or dress that you're into. So, why don't you just forget about the haters, and rock that sheer like God is having a peek at his most beautiful creation that you are?