The 6 greatest things charcoal can do for your skin and hair

Did you ever think that stuff in your braai stand could be used to fix your hair and skin problems? 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Fashion

6 greatest thing charcoal can do for your skin and hair

Have you guys noticed how almost every beauty product - especially for your face - has charcoal in it? Even though it has been a super ingredient since the beginning of time, it became popular overnight.

Charcoal is great because it does three main things for you skin and hair. Charcoal:

  • Cleanses
  • Detoxifies
  • Re-energizes

At this point you’re probably thinking “charcoal? That stuff that’s in my braai stand right now?” and yes, charcoal but not exactly the same kind that you use to braai with.

It’s a medical-grade kind of charcoal that has been altered to activate its healing properties. It is actually widely used in hospitals, especially in poisoning cases because it absorbs harmful chemicals. It has also been known to whiten teeth.

The fact that it absorbs harmful chemicals makes it a great cleanser and detoxifier for your skin and hair, especially your skin.

Charcoal is also great because it is natural so it will not add any new, negative or unnatural ingredients to your skin.

Check out the 6 greatest things charcoal can do for you:

1. It can treat acne:

Activated charcoal mask

It may not be a miracle cure but it can certainly help alleviate the problem. Depending on what causes it, some people’s acne is more severe than others and a lot of things (including what environment you live in and what you eat) affect how severe it is.

It comes in many forms such as soap bars, face washes and face masks, so be sure to consult someone with specialist knowledge about what will work best for you.

2. It soothes and heals bites, cuts and skin irritations:

Activated charcoal can help speed up the healing process and relieve the symptoms of cuts or stings that may have become infected. It can also be applied to little things such as stings, insect bites, cuts and scrapes.

In addition to bringing down swelling, it can also lessen pain.

If you can’t find any ready-made products, you can make your own paste. Just buy activated charcoal powder and mix in small quantities of water bit by bit until it is the consistency of a paste. This paste can also be applied to small spots and pimples that pop up on your face - just keep it on for 20 minutes and rinse it off.

3. It helps keep oily skin matte:

As a cleanser or a mask, it can suck up all the excess oil from your face and save you from shining all the time. Be careful not to do this too often as it can over-dry your skin and make things worse. One or twice a week should be enough.

It goes without saying, do not do this if you already suffer from dry skin.

4. It can tighten your pores and deep clean them

Pores are a super small openings in a surface. In human skin, gases, liquids, or microscopic particles often pass through these openings and sometimes, these things may be harmful and may become stuck in the pores.  

When your pores aren’t clear, it affects your complexion.

Activated charcoal (when used as a mask) grabs on to these things and pulls them out to leave you skin clean and clear.

5. Volumizes hair

Charcoal hair mask

Dirt and products build up on your hair and weigh it down, often making it look lifeless. It tends to look better after you wash if from time to time but some residue may be left over. This is where charcoal comes in. As it does with your skin, it sucks up all the dirt and leftover hair products stuck on your hair leaving it full of life.

If you can’t find shampoo that already contains charcoal, just add the powder or a paste to some shampoo in your palm, apply it as you normally would and then rinse it off.

6. It remedies scalp conditions

If you suffer from dandruff, redness, an oily or itchy scalp, activated charcoal can heal your scalp the way it does your skin and hair.

It sucks out all the bad stuff and doesn’t leave any bad chemicals behind.

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