#DMF: Beautiful Breasts & Questionable Hairstyles

There is never a dull moment on this show.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Fashion

On Sunday night, viewers of the infamous Date My Family reality series were introduced to yet another bachelorette by the name of Jessica, a 23-year-old who has been looking for love but in all the wrong places.

We had hoped that Jessica was going to find a potential boyfriend amongst the three families she had met but unfortunately her expectations were cut short after she realised she was definitely not going to go on a second date with the guy she chose.

Apart from the disappointing date she experienced, there were a number of highlights in this episode that made us chuckle and here they are:

That hairstyle from one of the friends

If there's one thing people need to take into consideration when appearing on Date My Family, it's that presentation goes a long way, especially if you're trying to get your friend to win a date.

So if you're aware that you're sporting a questionable hairstyle and could potentially become a meme, why not just work on getting a better hairstyle?

We guess Phele's friend thought that his hair-cut was the one, sadly the hairstyle was one of the main reasons why Jessica did not choose Phele as a date. See guys? Presentation is everything.

Sphamandla's hot friends

You know a girl is comfortable in her own skin when she can proudly tell another woman that they're attractive and have beautiful breasts and that is exactly what Jessica did when she met Sphamandla's hot friends. Jessica was so taken by the girls beauty and breasts that she even requested to touch the friend's bosom.

That was really smooth Jessica, really smooth.


The has been celebrities

Is it us, or did this past episode feature two people we've seen on television before?

One of Wandile's friends Adam, was actually a housemate on Big Brother Africa back in 2015. However, Adam's stay in the house was short-lived after he was accused of sexually assaulting another housemate and it's quite clear that Twitter did not forget him as well.

Then there was Phelele's friend - Mbulelo. You may have found yourself questioning where you've seen Mbulelo's face before, no need to guess because Mbulelo used to play the role of Scelo on etv's Scandal!

What an interesting episode this was, we can't wait to see what this week's episode will have in store for us.

Main Image Credit: Facebook/DateMyFamily