#ZAlebsBeauty - The difference between American and African make-up

This is how make-up differs across continents according to vloggers 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Fashion

#ZAlebsBeauty - The difference between American and African make-up

The first vlogger, who goes by the name Omoyuki, filmed her video from the America vs. Nigeria perspective in order to show the differences she noticed between how American make-up artists (MUA's) and Nigerian MUA's do their clients'/own faces. 

Firstly, Omoyuki stated the difference in the way women from each region style their brows; according to her, American women now gravitate towards mimicking the natural hair pattern of preexisting brows and filling those in, whereas Nigerian women (and African women by extension) prefer their brows darker, more defined and angular. 

When it comes to skin, she noticed that American women currently loved creating dewy, glowy looks while Nigerian women opted to go for the matte look all year round due to Nigeria's humid weather. 

Omoyuki noted how bold eye make up looks are all the rage in the U.S. right now while classic eye looks remain the staple in NIgeria. In addition, she has noted that Americans are still fans of intense contouring. 

Iridescent highlighters in unconventional colors are still highly popular in the U.S. whereas locally, the more classic shades still prevail. 

Lastly, Omoyuki stated how American make-up enthusiasts are still in love with fuller looking, Kylie Jenner-style lips while Africans go gaga for ombre lips. 

Maranatha, who is also from Nigeria, echoes similar sentiments below. 

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Main image credit: youtube.com/youkeyy