DJ Sue takes ZAlebs music shopping

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | DJ Sue  | Fashion

As the editor of ZAlebs, I (Tinashe!) get the chance to interview a lot of interesting people across the entertainment board. DJ Sue is right up there with some of my favorite interviews, not only because of how differently we did it, but because of how much fun we had doing it differently. Sue took us music shopping at Sandton City's Musica, and we spent time picking out CDs (And a couple of DVDs for me!). She also took us through the turntables and mixers section of the store and explained how each of the cool devices worked. 

DJ Sue, whose full name is Tiisetso Motaung, is a Deep House DJ hailing from Soweto. Coming from a musical family, she gives great credit to her family for the career she's chosen today. She glows as she tells me "My father was a vocalist, my cousins are DJs and Producers" and it's no surprise that she has music running from her finger tips- almost literally, considering the profession!

We head over to Musica at Sandton City and the shopping begins. I have to admit, I'm not a big clothes shopper- I like shiny things that make noise- which is why I'm glad that it was Musica we were exploring, instead of the nearby Stuttafords or Edgars stores. I was hoping we'd be checking out Taylor Swift's latest record, and although she was nice about it, Sue only had eyes for the house section. Euphonik, Oskido, Tira- those are her peers. 

"I like these guys because they're not just DJs, they're musicans and producers themselves. That's what I aspire to be" 

She touches on the topic of her own album, which of course excites my curiosity. 

"My album won't just be me DJ-ing. I want to produce it, write all the material and contribute musically. I'm a vocalist as well as a songwriter, and I'd want to show off all of these skills on the album. It's still a while away from becoming a reality though, so I can't give you an exact date on when you can expect it" 

(ZAlebs goes shopping with DJ Sue and we discuss CDs as well as DJ equipment)

We move on to the DJ-ing equipment, and we get a wonderful crash course on what to look out for when purchasing mixers as well as where amateurs need to start- here's a spoiler, it's NOT with those shiny cool mixers you see at every Musica. Sue, in fact, claims they make you lazy. You'll have to see the video above to see why. 

Being a DJ is a career that looks like a lot of fun on the outside but comes with its own challenges as Sue shares. 

"Safety is a big challenge for me. Being a woman, as you can imagine, comes with risks, especially if a gig finishes a bit late and I still need to find my way home. I have to always go with someone to the gigs I go to so I'm not coming travelling alone at the end of it."

The challenges do little to deter her, however. She's bold, courageous and ambitious; every word says to me is laced with pride at her career and ambition to take it to the next level.  

My morning with Sue came to an end very quickly- time does fly when you're having fun- but it was great to get to know her and we hope to be invited to a few of her upcoming gigs.