Mzansi musicians with clothing lines

It's more than just about the music

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Fashion

In order to have a long lasting career in the music industry, one needs to first understand the fact that the music world is very much a business, like any other industry. One needs to create in order to generate some sort of income from this business.

However, we've all heard about the heartbreaking stories that involve musicians dying poor because of the mishandling of their finances. It's an old tale that continues to be a topic of discussion even to this day.

But with a new generation of artists entering the scene and coming up with many creative ideas to make money, we hope these stories of musicians dying poor will eventually die down as a wave of new musicians with entrepreneurial minds continue to rise.

One thing we've come to appreciate about our new generation of musicians is the many ideas they have come up with to make extra money on the side, especially when it comes to fashion.

Check out our list of musicians who did not leave the apparel wave in 2017, but have continued to rebrand their clothing lines and have successfully relaunched their clothing lines in 2018.

K.O - Skhanda World
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K.O is no stranger to creating clothes for his fan base. After the successful launch of the Cashtime clothing brand two years ago, the rapper has returned with a new clothing line called Skhanda World which is said to be flying off the shelves.

Riky Rick - Cotton Club
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And then there was Riky Rick's Cotton Club clothing line which dropped in February this year. Considering how crucial Riky is to the local hip hop culture, his brand was welcomed with open arms by all those who are fans of his craft.

Cassper Nyovest - Family Tree

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Having managed to open two stores in Newtown, Johannesburg, and one recently launched in Durban, Cassper's clothing line has been a success ever since the rapper started creating his Cassper Nyovest branded T-shirts at the beginning of his career. Fast-forward to four years later, and the clothing brand is still one of the most recognisable and locally produced clothing lines in the country.

Mamphintsha - West Ink

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Although he's had one challenging year, Mampintsha has managed to revive himself by continuously putting out new music, and even launching his own West Ink Apparel, which has received a great response from the Durban scene.
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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@mrcashtime