Getting Winter Ready

Trends to try this season

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Fashion

Is it just us or does this winter seem to be in a bit of a rush this season? I mean we haven't even had time to shop and temperatures are already teasing a very very very cold winter.

But being cold isn't the only thing you need to worry about, we also need to figure out how to dress in winter. How to stay warm and stylish is a yearly struggle so we have a few style tips from your faves...

Bad Boots
Get yourself a mean pair of combat boots this winter. They're add a toughness to your outer baddie aesthetic but more importantly they're warm af! There's many styles available and a variety of colors. Try these pvc leather and gold platform heel style that Zinhle was seen wearing in Milan.

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Power Suit
We've discussed this before and nothing has changed - you can't go wrong with a power suit. The best thing about wearing a suit is you have so many clothes on already even after you take off your coat at the office! But in winter, it's extra motivation to have fun with them. Try every colour and every print you can find. Maybe even these stripes on Nomuzi.

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Super Sleeves
This season will obviously have us all wearing long sleeves, right? Well there's a trend to make that more fun too. The latest thing for sleeves is basically make them as dramatic as possible. Add ruffles, feathers or even sequins around the shoulders, cuffs or all the way down your arm. You can keep it simple, like Kefilwe Mabote did here too. It's really up to how dramatic your personality is.

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Tweed Tweed
Also a trend that we gave you a heads up on. The tweed two-piece is a huge trend this winter after the recent death of the global fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld, who first popularized it. Now, you need to have a modern version. There's many ways to do it but a cute mini skirt and matching crop jacket is everyone's bets bet. Pair it with tights like Pearl and maybe a turtleneck to help you stay warm.

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