5 times Linda Mtoba kept it simple but looked hella stylish

Proof that true style doesn't need to shout

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Linda Mtoba  | Fashion

Linda mtoba

Some people have it, and others just don't, and often, the ones that don't tend to overcompensate with pomp. They seek validation from spectacle. It can be nauseating! Which is why Linda Mtoba's clean sartorial choices make her a style crush to follow. Here are five instances where she kept it simple, and proved that true style doesn't have to shout. 

That time she let her hair (and bag) do the work...

Linda lets her hair and bag do the work
Instagram/Linda Mtoba

That time she put her best foot forward...

Linda foot forward
Instagram/Linda Mtoba

That time her pretty eyes added to the sparkle...

Linda's eyes and top both sparkled
Instagram/Linda Mtoba

When she thrilled with a frill, and made statement with the perfect print...

Linda's frill and print
Instagram/Linda Mtoba

And then reminded your favs that looking like a princess doesn't have to mean literally looking like a Popay'. I mean, really. Where are we? Disneyland?

Princess Linda
Instagram/Linda Mtoba