[PIC]: Makhadzi's Facial Glow Is On Point!

She's looking more refreshed than ever.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Makhadzi  | Fashion

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Musicians are always on the go; doing interviews galore, taking pictures with legions of their fans -  all of these movements and commitments are likely to drain them.

Makhadzi is one of the most hard working artists in the music industry. Her career is on an all time high, which results in her bouncing off from one commitment to the next - yep Sis is booked and busy!

But like the professional that she is, home girl has learnt to grin and bear the demands of her career. The exhaustion has not only permeated throughout her body but also her face! Sheesh imagine your face looking tired from all your hard work!  We would get a facial too - REAL QUICK!

The good Sis headed over to Dr Lanie from Dr Lanie Aesthetics, in an effort to rejuvenate her face. We must agree - the new facial glow looks hella good on Khadzi!

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Unfortunately for some, this facial glow doesn't occur organically, certain medical treatments have to be taken in order to get the desired glow.

Reality television star and rapper, Faith Nketsi is another local celebrity that is big on facial rejuvenation.

Ever wondered how she always has poppin' skin? - She's a regular at Dr Sandi Medical Aeshtics, who always just gets. it. right! Don't say we didn't plug you!

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