Male ZAlebs on the most underrated grooming tips

Some guys only put lotion on their body parts that show... euw... WHAT?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Fashion

Male ZAlebs on the most underrated skin care tips

There is a common misconception that men don’t need to do much by way of skin care simply because they’re men. Allow your favourite ZAlebs to explain why that’s wrong!

We recently caught up with your faves at the relaunch of Sandton City's Salvatore Ferragamo store which was renovated to reflect the brand's new creative direction. 

Ferragamo has long been seen as an old school luxury brand and while they wish to remain true to the aesthetic found in the brand's DNA, AbuIssa Holdings hopes the renovation will introduce the brand to a new generation of women without alienating their existing customer base. 

The Sandton store originally opened in 2000 and the newly renovated space features the full lifestyle brand experience of men’s and ladies products, across the full collection of shoes, accessories, ready-to-wear items, watches & perfumes.

One can't be well dressed without being well groomed so check out what these ZAlebs think the most underrated grooming tips are.

Chris Jaftha

Chris Jaftha Ferragamo Store relaunch

“The one basic thing that always slips through the damn cracks is hygiene! Like floss those teeth man, [use] some mouth was, have a gum or mint around you at all times, nobody wants to be smelling your stanky breath,” said Jaftha. 

“The first thing people usually see is a smile and you talk with your mouth so people are constantly looking at your mouth so make sure your mouth is fresh, hands are clean, nails are clean, ears as well and PLEASE clean the sleep out of the corners of your eyes," he added

Dr. Smile - Lex Leo

Dr. Smile - Lex Leo Ferragamo Store launch

The celebrity dentist and philanthropist, who recently began work to restore the smile of a kidnapping victim said “teeth are really important! Make sure you have your regular cleans and polishes, make sure you know how to brush and floss your teeth correctly, and if you wanna go for a teeth whitening, it really makes a difference.”

To Dr. Smile, “if you have a nice smile, even if the other things are out of shape, it won’t really matter,” and we can't help but agree with that.

He also added “if you’ve got a mustache, don’t let it grow over your top lip, it’s a bit weird”

Maps Maponyane

Maps Maponyane Ferragamo store launch

The Top Billing presenter echoed the sentiments of his dentist, saying “one thing that every single man should invest in is their teeth. Good teeth say a lot immediately. Also make sure that you use sunscreen, whether it’s during the day or even at night because believe it or not, black does crack”

We also caught up with AbuIssa Holding’s CEO, Mr. Fawaz Idrissi, to chat about the store's relaunch in addition to finding out his tips on grooming.  

Fawaz Idrissi

Mr. Idrissi compared Johannesburg to Dubai and said that is why his company is proud of their Sandton location. When asked what he loves about Johannesburg, Mr Idrissi said "for me, the diversity and the warmth of the people and if you move away from that, Johannesburg is very much a business hub, not only for South Africa but Africa as a whole."

Mr. Idrissi added that Sandton City is also comparable to any mall around the world and he appreciates that they display a good balance of luxury brands and high fashion brands, making it the perfect home for Salvatore Ferragamo's flagship African store. 

When it comes to grooming. Skin is paramount for the CEO. 

"My advice for men is to focus on skin care. It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, your skin needs attention, it needs moisturizing. I see a lot of men don't take care of their skin. It's good to be fashionable and well-dressed but you also need good skin." 

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