#ChooseDay Style: Maps Maponyane vs Riky Rick

Both men are undeniably stylish. There are different reasons to love both.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Maps Maponyane  | Fashion

Maps Maponyane

There's no denying that media personality Maps Maponyane and rapper Riky Rick are currently among the best-dressed men in South Africa, period, but they are definite polar opposites when it comes to their approach to style.

Riky Rick tends to favour a trendy, streetwear oriented aesthetic...

Don't get it twisted though, because when the time comes to switch it up, few know how to prep up like this cotton eater!

Maps Maponyane, on the other hand, favours a cleaner, more traditionalist aesthetic with suits and ties often as a staple. Even when he dresses down, Maps keeps his basics pretty much basic, but nonetheless styling!

Air: Crisp❄ Look: Crisp🍫 #ModernMaps

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Step Into The Lobby 📸: @aartverrips_official #SAFW

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All in all, Maps Maponyane tends to like keeping it safe, while Riky Rick demonstrates an adventurous approach to dressing. We love them both!

Image Credits: Instagram/ @mmaponyane/ @rikyrickworld