#OPW: A perfect wedding with a questionable dessert

Mr and Mrs Xaba had such a beautiful wedding.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Fashion

Our Perfect Wedding

Just like Bab' Hle and Mam' Hle the Xaba's wedding was just as perfect.

After making up, breaking up and making up again Khululekani and Lebo finally came to their senses and realized that they were made for each other.

In what we would consider as a truly perfect wedding Khululekani and Lebo's love showed in every way, from the decor to Lebo's dress and even Khulululekani's rather tight suit.

Don't get us wrong, the suit that was flown all the way from Dubai looked great, but a bit too tight for our liking.

And of course, Twitter had to come in with the jokes, but let's be honest the suit wasn't that bad.

But we guess people will always try to find the humour in everything.

The only bad or rather awkward moment we saw was the tasting of the dessert.

The catering lady was given a 10/10 when it came to the main course, but the dessert was a bit of a letdown. So much so that even Thembisa to try it out.


In case you were wondering what ingredients the dessert was made of here's someone's analogy of it all.

Looks just about right.

The couple, later on, admitted that they exchanged the dessert for something much more tantalizing.

But apart from that the Xaba's had an amazing wedding, from the wedding gown, all the way to the decor and traditional wedding.


Congratulations to the lovely couple.

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