The plus-size revolution: How these celebs are shutting it down with their bodies

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Fashion


It is hard to believe that there was once an era when skinny bodies were put on a pedestal hence that kind of obsession and frenzy put quite a lot of people especially, women under pressure of looking a certain figure. However the world is waking up to a figure that has been shunned and ridiculed for the longest of time – The full figure.

The plus size phenomenon has taken the world by storm whereby we have witnessed a rather positive and empowering revolution of this beautiful body size. The media plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of the citizens hence it could not resist the power and impact of the rise of this particular body revolution.

Celebrities also possess some level of power and influence on society in general, given the fact that we unconsciously take heed of what celebrities represent on any content of media that we have access to. It is therefore inspiring and interesting that some celebrities in South Africa have seemingly embraced their full figure.

These select few ZAlebs are thriving in their respective careers, which also opens a window of endless possibilities regarding the whole notion of one having to look a certain way in order to be successful in this superficial industry.

Anele Mdoda is fearlessly rocking her full figure. This TV & Radio host's air of confidence serves as an inspiration to other less confident plus sized women. Anele is here to slay.

Relebogile Mabotja is another celebrity that has fully embraced her voluptuous body. Her fashion sense is a total ten, as she has somehow mastered how to dress her body type as it can sometimes prove to be tricky when one is of that size.

Thickleeyonce is seriously killing the streets with just her presence. Her plus-size fashion line, Lee Bex, is doing well in the market hence she saw a need and decided to boldly create a clothing line that celebrates plus sized bodies and accentuates different types of big bodies.

Celeste Ntuli has previously stated how loving herself has proven to be quite a journey. Her Instagram page is plagued with generally body positive content. This comedienne is an inspiration to most women.

Lala Tshabalala is a well-known blogger, who primarily focuses on body positivity. Her social media presence is sure proof of how one can actually be confident and comfortable in their skin.