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By  | Aug 25, 2022, 09:39 AM  | Rich Mnisi  | Fashion

Rich Mnisi wearing Rich Mnisi
Rich Mnisi is a South African-based contemporary fashion brand founded in 2014 by STADIO (formerly LISOF) graduate- Rich Mnisi.

Born and raised in Johannesburg in 1993, Rich Fumani Mnisi was fascinated by fashion from a very young age and it wasn’t long before he was transforming his sister’s old jeans into a skirt and creating fashion masterpieces from old magazines and curtains.

Fortunately for the young visionary, his parents were very supportive of his vision and they sent him to Leaders in the Science of Fashion to study fashion.

In 2014, Rich Mnisi launched his brand on a high note that saw him win a Young Designer of the Year Award by the African Fashion International. 

Over the years, Rich Mnisi has grown his brand to become one of the biggest fashion brands in Africa and he has dressed some of the biggest local and international stars including Beyonce!

This article discusses Rich Mnisi’s prices, offers an explanation for the unconventional high prices, and tells you where you can purchase Rich Mnisi clothing.

Rich Mnisi’s prices

Black Coffee wearing Rich Mnisi outfit

Rich Mnisi’s prices vary depending on the clothing item. According to their website, a Rich Mnisi T-shirt for instance goes for R 1,399 while a jumper goes for around R 2,229.

An item like a tie goes for as little as R 799 while a pair of sign shorts for around R 8,208, a pencil skirt goes for R 8,255 and an open skirt retails at about R 6,773.

A bucket hat goes for about R 1,399, a wrap coat goes for about R 20,883. The Rich Mnisi’s prices quoted for some of the items have been derived from the seller’s website.

Controversy about Rich Mnisi’s prices

Rich Mnisi wearing his brand, source: Instagram

Although Rich Mnisi is one of the most expensive luxury brands in Africa and has a specific target market of the affluent class who couldn’t be less bothered by the price tag, Rich Mnisi’s prices have continued to cause an uproar among netizens who think that the prices are just absurdly expensive.

The biggest online uproar was when in 2021 Rich Mnisi put up a Xibelani skirt on his website worth a whopping R59 999. The Xibelani skirt is a common outfit among the Tsonga women from the Limpopo province.

Tweeps were not impressed with this price and they went on to criticize with one tweep pointing out that the price of Rich Mnisi’s Xibelani skirt was more than that of a 2nd hand Toyota Avanza which reportedly goes for about R 57,000.

Other tweeps, however, acknowledged the prices but advised disgruntled tweeps to move on to other brands that they can afford and leave Rich Mnisi alone. Black Coffee also came to Rich Mnisi’s defense saying that Rich Mnisi’s outfits are worth every cent.

Where can you buy Rich Mnisi clothes?

Models rocking Rich Mnisi's outfits

Rich Mnisi clothing is available at Rich Mnisi’s online shop on Rich Mnisi’s website which can be ordered by both South African and international customers. 

The delivery time of items is dependent on the location of the customer. It takes about 10 - 15 business days for local delivery (South Africa) and 10 - 20 business days for international delivery. 

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