How To Layer Clothes For Winter Like Riky Rick

Some style tips for winter in South Africa

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Fashion

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It's officially winter in South Africa now - even if it doesn't feel like it quite yet because temperatures have been higher than normal recently, climate change?, but trust me - it's time to get some great winter clothes - because your summer clothes are simply not enough.

But before you head online and shop - let's think before we spend people.

One age old trick to being fashionable and warm is learning how to layer winter clothes. It is also a huge trend on the runways lately too! We look to a certified fashion killa in ZAlebville for some useful tips, Riky Rick!

Start With The Basics

Before Riky could become a layering gaad, he had to get the basics right. The standard shirt-shirt-jersey layering trick is both stylish and warm when done correctly. The trick is to stay in the same colour family.

For example, get an olive green polo neck, under a forest green shirt and then a emerald green cardigan.
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Oh and by the way, just for the record -  we are a fan of Mr. Price winter clothes - solid fashion and great prices - what's not to like - just make sure you think before you buy.

Under The Overall

Overalls, or dungrees, are a great layering trick. Why? Because it automatically does the work for you. All you need to team it up with as many t-shirts and jackets as you need to brave the cold. For added cool points on your drip, be on the look out for as many variations as you can find. There's a wide selection available in stores from casual day denims to leather one bound to catch the attention of any club photographer.
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Gilet It

A Gilet is a proper name for what most of us refer to as a vest or sleeveless jacket. Gilets come in many shapes and thicknesses. You can throw them on anything from a jacket to a blazer to give your body some heat insulation it needs.

The easiest to find is a Puffer Gilet. If your job requires you to wear a uniform or the corporate uniform, look for a Gilet that can easily blend in like a fleece or suede option.
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*** While we don't want to promote too much drinking, a little Remy Martin who was smart enough to sign up Riky as a brand ambassador can also help with the winter cold.

Hat Inception

The hardest part of the body to keep warm is definitely the head. Sometimes one hat simply isn't enough! So be like Riky Rick and wear however many can get you through those early morning commutes.

Try getting yourself a simple durag, stocking or thin beanie in a basic colour to be your base layer of warmth. Then you can style it up with whatever hat matches your drip. But be careful not to give yourself a headache! Make sure you go for something like a S'poti (or Bucket Hat according to the Americans) to make sure there is room.
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Suit Up

The suit is a must for all men because you can literally wear it as many times as you want. If the suit you have is a bit light, it's the perfect opportunity to layer up. Usually, men go for a thick turtleneck. If you want to switch it up, try a formal pullover instead. They are warmer and sleeker when seen poking out from under your suit. Stick to the same colour palette and you'll look just as cool as Riky did.
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