Understanding the influence behind Riky Rick's outfit

No wonder he told people to open their minds.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Fashion


The man is on another level when it comes to fashion, it's just that the average Joe hasn't caught up with this particular type of swag and we doubt some people ever will.

Usually, people really do appreciate Riky Rick's sense of style, after-all he is King-Kotini. However, his SAMA 2018 outfit went over a lot of people's heads, including us.

After a while and thanks to the God's of fashion, we came to learn that Riky Rick was actually wearing an outfit straight from the Runway and designed by renowned South African designer Chularp Suwannapha.

This gentleman right here who is also nicknamed the 'Prince of prints' in the South African fashion industry.

He recently launched this faceless design which has been receiving raving reviews abroad.

And even received recognition from Vogue Italy.

Even Cassper has worn his designs before.

When interviewed by Times Live, Riky Rick was asked what inspired his outfit and he just said; 'Nothing I just go with the flow.'

I guess he knew that the majority of people would not understand what his outfit was about and he was right, because a) people were not feeling it and b) they definitely ran with the outfit and made a joke out of it.

Riky Rick
Riky Rick

Chularp Suwannapha must've been rolling his eyes when he saw how his creation turned into a joke for the average Joe.

Well, at least for some of us we received a bit of fashion schooling.

Class dismissed.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@RikyRickWorldWide