Shalima's Mkongi is thee new fitness babe

Shalima Mkongi's legs deserve their own reality show

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Shalima Mkongi  | Fashion

Shalima's Mkhongi is thee new fitness babe

It's ridiculous how to this day people still believe Shalima got her role on SABC 2's Keeping Score because of her sex appeal. But think about it, as sexy as she is, the character she's playing is befitting. She's athletic, talented and is doing a great job playing a teenager.

Shalima's  Mkhongi's leg game is strong

The popular telenovela got some bad reviews regarding the way her character, Ashanti, dresses on the show. Some of the reviewers say she's showing too much skin and that it's inappropriate for a woman, especially a teenager, to do so. 

Shalima's  Mkhongi's leg game is strong

It's understandable where all the backlash comes from. Women are overly protective of themselves because of what has been happening to women around the world. Because it seems worse than ever before, we feel unsafe in society. In an Interview with Sunday World, Shalima had this to say about how her character dresses:

"As a teenager and an athlete in the show, I'm required to show a bit of flesh because of the shorts worn by women runners on the drama series. I'm not the only one showing a bit of skin. I don't know what the fuss is all about. I love myself and my body, I can say I'm a rebel with a cause both as Ashanti and as myself. Maybe the reason behind all this attention is my confidence."


Despite what people have to say about her, you can't deny that Shalima's bod could inspire volcanoes to erupt and her legs are on another level. 

The sporty physique is really in right now and women are working harder and harder to achieve it. Fitness celebrities like Sbahle Mpisane and one of your faves 'personal fave, Mapule Ndhlovu are already making us feel bad for ditching the gym, their level of fitness.

Shalima's  Mkhongi's leg game is strong

Shalima's character actually made her more aware of how sexy she really is. Her confidence has elevated and the gym has become one  of her favorite places. She's always been all about health and fitness but ever since she became Ashanti, all eyes are on her because people complain but still love to look at her in her sports gear. Look how hard she goes in at the gym

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Getting up early or even finding the time to go the gym is a struggle already but when we see bodies like Shalima's, we start to reconsider reconstructing our whole lives. Wouldn't you want to look this sizzling?

Shalima's  Mkhongi's leg game is strong
Shalima's  Mkhongi's leg game is strong
Shalima's  Mkhongi's leg game is strong

That slim-thick physique is the new sexy so catch your sub like I just did, and do the things to your body so we too can get some of our faves liking our pictures.

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