The Most Iconic Of Sho Majodzi's Hairstyles

Colour looks good on her

By  | May 17, 2022, 03:42 PM  | Sho Madjozi  | Fashion

Sho Majodzi, Sho Majodzi
Sho Majodzi is known for a lot of good things. Her love and pride for her Tsonga culture which heavily influences her music and fashion choices, her multilingual abilities, her fun and bubbly personality, and her ability to produce music that is celebrated internationally.

Besides making a big name for herself in the music industry, Sho Majodzi has also made a name for herself in the fashion industry and is a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and fun hairstyles.

Sho Majodzi’s hairstyles are often colourful, fun, and guaranteed to grab attention. Besides being loved by children, Sho Majodzi’s bold hairstyles are also ideal for adults who like experimenting with fun and bold hairstyles.

In a past interview with TrueLove, Sho Majodzi revealed a few secrets about her hairstyles that you would be interested to learn should you or your little one want to give a fun hairdo a chance. 

Here are some of our top favourites of Sho Majodzi’s hairstyles and photos. We will also let you in on a few secrets of Sho Majodzi’s hair journey.

Colourful cornrows

Sho Majodzi, source: moziak

One of our favourite of Sho Majodzi’s hairstyles is colourful cornrows. A pop of colour can bring life and spark to the boring cornrows that we are used to seeing every day.

Whether it’s a bold pink, neon green, or even bright purple, whenever Sho Majodzi steps out in any of these colours, she always looks fabulous and you too can easily rock this simple, protective hairstyle.

The John Cena braids

Sho Majodzi's John Cena braids, source: Instagram

After releasing her international hit- John Cena in 2019, Sho Majodzi took her creativity to the next level by getting the famous wrestler’s name braided high on her head.

Although the John Cena is fun, beautiful, bold and a sure way to attract attention, it’s not a very practical everyday hairstyle as it can inhibit things like comfortable sleep. 

It’s however great for events. You can show up for a football match or your favourite musician’s concert with their name braided on your head and increase your chances of getting their attention.

Braids with cowrie shells

Sho Majodzi's iconic hairstyle, source: Instagram

Another way that Sho Majodzi adds life to her braids is by accessorising them with cowrie shells. 

The cowrie shells have always been part of the African culture and heritage, adorning them in your hair will make you look like a true African queen like Sho Majodzi does.

Braids with colourful beads

Sho Majodzi's iconic hairstyle, source: Instagram

Besides cowrie shells, Sho Majodzi also likes accessorizing her braids with colourful beads that not only match her bubbly personality but also match perfectly with her colourful outfits.

We think she looks particularly lovely when she rocks this hairstyle, what do you think?

Cornrows with a high bun 

Sho Majodzi, source: Instagram

The cornrows with a high bun has got to be Sho Majodzi’s favourite go-to hairstyle as we have spotted her rocking this simple, yet elegant hairstyle severally.

She usually rocks this style with either colourful braids, beads or both, and she always rocks either way.

What inspires Sho Majodzi’s hairstyles?

Speaking to TrueLove, Sho Majodzi disclosed that growing up she drew inspiration from Boom Shaka braids and African American braid styles.

Currently, she gets inspiration from native African tribes like the Fulani from West Africa with a sparkle of her own creativity.

Who is Sho Majodzi’s hairstylist?

Sho Majodzi gets her hair done by Princess Ndlovu who owns Beauty Whispers Salon. You can follow her on Instagram @princessthehairwhisper and check out all the other cool hairstyles that she creates.

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