This Is Where Sjava Gets His Clothes!

The musician is a regular at thrift stores.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Sjava  | Fashion

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When it comes to aesthetics, Sjava has managed to curate such a unique and authentic image. Though he is living in modern times, it is fairly easy to notice that Sjava's sense of style has strong nuances of all things African.

Since breaking out in the Arts, especially in music, Sjava has never shied away from fully exploring his varied style influences. If one looks carefully at his usually unorthodox outfits, a few designer pieces can be spotted but he also infuses them with lesser expensive clothes found in his closet.

Social media is mostly regarded as a platform for most celebrities to flex on the rest of us regular folks. Their seemingly expensive lifestyles leave many full of envy. Expensive designer brands such as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton are usually perceived as some kind of yardsticks, that indicates that a person is living THE life.

As successful as he is, Sjava usually has a taste for the much more ''affordable'' things in life, such as buying most of his clothes at Thrift stores. These types of stores usually stock clothing items that are pretty affordable to the average Joe on the street.

On his Twitter page, the BET award winning musician posted a few snaps of him, going about his usual routine of securing mostly vintage clothes in downtown Johannesburg.

''Sjava abantu bazothini uthenga second hand clothes emgwaqeni and the answer is in these 3 pictures ❤️''

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There is truly no denying that Sjava is slaying on all fronts including acting, singing,song writing and of course, fashion.

Sjava's legions of fans are always looking forward to cast their eyes on how he will put together his outfits at either awards ceremonies, television interviews or live performances.

Let's take a look at just some of the memorable style moments where Sjava's thread game was on a straight hundred.

#1.This is how Sjava kept the cold at bay during the Durban July recently. He clad himself in a long red coat coupled with a hoodie underneath and colourful boots.

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#2. Ah who could ever forget that inspiring outfit that Sjava wore at this year's SAMA awards? This unique outfit is mostly worn by Zulus, it is commonly referred to as 'Imvunulo'.

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#3. It was another regular day for the Umama hitmaker, where he can be seen in his heavily African inspired outfit. Sealing the look, with earrings known as 'Iziqhaza'.

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Sjava has grown to be some kind of a template for how to rock modern and African inspired fashion. Many could take a page from his style book.

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