Laduma's AmaXhosa Inspired Brand

Behind the scene look at South Africa's biggest fashion export

By  | Apr 28, 2022, 02:52 PM  | Fashion

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For many of us, our culture gives us a sense of identity, it guides us when making decisions and raising our children and helps when it comes to building our character. The cultural values that are passed down generation after generation and the shared sense of community, give us a sense of belonging. For these simple reasons, many of us pride ourselves in our various cultures and today we will focus on one of the best examples of this pride, the aMaxhosa brand. 

Picture source: @laduma Instagram

The Start

We all know and love the Maxhosa Africa brand. The #proudly South African knitwear brand was established by Laduma Ngxokolo back in 2010. Using amakrwala, traditional Xhosa patterns, colours bead work and designs, Laduma has carved a name for the Xhosa culture in the fashion industry not only here in Mzanzi but also across the globe. Although the fashion designer initially created the brand to incorporate the Xhosa aesthetic into everyday wear, the brand has grown to become a premium African luxury brand.
Picture source: @laduma Instagram


Since its establishment in 2010, the aMaxhosa brand has gone on to achieve so much greatness. The Maxhosa Africa brand has grown to become a is globally recognized brand within the fashion industry and Laduma has been invited to showcase his work on international stages. The aMaxhosa brand has been in the New York Fashion Week and Laduma’s creative design work has been archived and displayed in global museums such as the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York as well as the Smithsonian Museum, some pieces can also be found across Europe in museums in Switzerland, Hamburg and Berlin. International celebs such as Swiss Beats, his wife Alicia Keys and Drake have been spotted adorning pieces from some of the collections. 
Picture source: @laduma Instagram


You know the famous saying - imitation is the highest form of flattery, well it lied. Just recently, one of the world’s largest clothing retailers that specialises in fast fashion, ZARA Industria De Disno Textile, SA, was caught copying one of the signature aMaxhosa brand designs. ZARA appropriated and reproduced a socks range that had the featured the signature pattern. It was not long before loyal fans noticed and began to protest online. Laduma and the amaxhosa brand  quickly engaged one of Africa’s IP Law firms and began to handle the matter legally. Talk about hectic. 

The IP lawyers sent a letter to the parent company notifying them of the intellectual infringement and the company demands.

Picture source: @laduma Instagram

The brand has continued to grow and have massive success across the country with major ZAlebs such as Boity, Black Coffee, Mihlali, Pearl Thusi and the late Riky Rick, rocking pieces on a daily and to special red carpet events. Clearly Laduma is not slowing down anytime soon and it is only up from here for the brand.

Pieces from the brand can be found locally in aMaxhosa brand stores, which are mostly located in high-end malls across the country. One can also order from their website online and get deliveries straight to their doorstep.

Picture source: @laduma Instagram

Support local and get yourself something from the aMaxhosa brand, we can promise you will not regret it. What other local brands do you guys love and support.
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