The Shoes That Every Man Should Own

Step up your style with Maps Maponyane

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Fashion

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What's that old saying? The shoes maketh the man! A man’s shoes says a lot about him, where he is in life and where he wants to go. They also are an often overlooked part of building a wardrobe full of classic items.

You don't have to have hundreds of pairs but having a few key styles will ensure you are ready and looking good for any occasion. Here are a few shoes that every guy should have in their closet from the men's fashion golden boy, Maps Maponyanye.

Athletic Shoes

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Thanks to the Athleisure trend - mixing athletic wear with casual outfits - it is now completely acceptable to walk around in running shoes.
We suggest sticking with overall neutral colours like grey, white, black and navy. This will give you some comfortable shoes that go with almost every day-to-day outfit and occasion. 


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The second pair of shoes for every man's wardrobe is what is considered an absolute essential to any well-dressed man’s wardrobe. A good pair of classic high-top sneakers are clean, classic and look great with everything from super casual to semi formal looks. Make sure you stock up on those sneaker cleaning kits to keep them nice, though! 


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It’s hard to think of another pair of shoes, for men, with their versatility. One pair of loafers can take you from the office to the club to running errands around town to a wedding to a yacht party. Or on set like the ones Maps wore on Top Billing. They're also a great trick for guys who have a hard time in more formal shoes like brogues, these have more breathing room and comfort throughout the day.


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Speaking of Brogues, sometimes the occasion calls for them. This formal shoe is a staple for every wedding, board meeting and job interview you will ever attend. Make sure to have a range of leather brogues for every look. Start with the black basic then venture into different shades of tan and white ones to round up your collection.


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Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with men showing their toes! It is too hot in this here South Africa for your toes to never get some fresh air. If the regular slides are too boring for you, try some proper comfortable men's sandals. They will be your best friend come the December pool parties season!

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