Traditional attire's modern aesthetic is catching on

Life is better when you mix and match and when it comes to traditional attire and fashion, these celebs know that all too well 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Fashion

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Traditional attire's modern aesthetic is catching on

South African fashion is currently dominated by the beautiful marriage between the aesthetic of traditional attire from our country's various indigenous cultures and the trendy aesthetics of modern fashion.  

This can be traced back to the renewed sense of pride in one's self as a result of our generation's on-going journey into self-discovery. Not to say that the trend is new, after all, Stone Cherry did pioneer the trend on a mass scale but Stone Cherry's aesthetic is a tell-tale sign of the era it belongs to.

Fashion has since moved on to the likes of Scalo, Rich Factory and TN Collective who are currently dominating red carpets and Instagram feeds across Southern Africa. 

Not to say that we have ever been ashamed of our respective traditional regalia. We don't know about the rest of you but some of us grew up anticipating the day we'd take part on some of the traditional ceremonies we grew up witnessing just so we could don the beautiful attire our family members owned. 

Xulu Family

It's just that years of colonization dictated (albeit quite covertly at times) that traditional African attire was only appropriate in our personal lives and as such, the only time to wear it was at ceremonies. 

It is only recently that traditional attire has become a red carpet staple for both celebrities and non-famous people alike. Some event invitations even stipulate that guests may choose between a black ties outfit or traditional regalia. 

This trend has even spread over into weddings as local brides have taken to redesigning traditional wedding attire to give it a more modern feel for weddings. It has become so popular in fact that some brides even forgo the white wedding (and wedding dress). 

Linda Mtoba wedding

Officially our first month❤️

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2016 ❤ nothing but love.

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In addition to weddings, young South Africans have also taken to wearing traditional attire at the graduations and it is a sight to behold. 

graduation day #SheIsMorThanAPrettyFace @thuliphongolo

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Thuli Phongoleo Graduation

The fact that this aesthetic is catching on is such a beautiful thing and we can't wait to see how this trend evolves and spreads across the nation. We're just hoping it also doubles as a vehicle for cultural exchange in South Africa, passing tradition on from generation to generation while teaching us more about each other. 

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