How Tresor's clothing inspires his music

No wonder he's always looking dapper, it motivates him.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Trésor Riziki  | Fashion

Being a successful musician requires a lot of work as it is not only your musical talents that help you become a phenomenal star, but also a combination of many things, such as imagery and individuality.

In an industry filled with imitators, sometimes the most successful artists are those with not only the best music, but the most unique style as well.

Tresor, who's had a successful run in the music industry has not only seen his music get airplay on almost every other radio station in the country, but he has had the pleasure of being honored for his craft with many accolades.


However, the one honour that we think Tresor still deserves is an opportunity to be on the cover of GQ magazine. Yes, he's been featured as one of the top dressed men in an article, but we think it's about high time he graces the magazines cove, don't you think?

Anyway, on 25 January, Tresor is releasing his 10-track album titled Nostalgia, which will feature a number of artists such as AKA, Mafikizolo, The Soil and others.

In anticipation of the release of Nostalgia, ZAlebs had a quick Q&A with the
musician. He provided us with five of his best outfits that best describe the below songs from his new album, and how the songs on his new album would look like if they were incorporated into a Tresor outfit.

These were the five songs from the album I'd like for him to provide outfits for:
- Electric Night
  • - Kiss of life
  • - Sundown
  • - Aphrodite
  • - Walk through fire

1.Electric Night
"This outfit represents a rockstar,  a man who is about to go out on an electrifying night filled with music and memories to be made. The leather pants are a sign of my bad boy persona and cutting edge personality."

2. Kiss of life
"The outfits represents the colorful highs and lows that comes with  life and love but in everything ,just like these colors boldness is the recipe to unlock new chapters."
 3. Sundown

"This outfit represents a renegade, a rebel heart ready to dance with the world with no rules."

  • 4. Aphrodite
 "Man on mission with his time machine to steal the heart of an ancient greek Goddess of love."

  • 5.  Walk through fire
"This outfit represents perseverance and resilience. Nothing can can stop a man who's time has come."

Main image credit: Instagram/@tresorofficial