#ZAlebsBeauty - grooming products that you and your partner can use

Working together to stay pretty can be another form of intimacy 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Fashion

#ZAlebsBeauty - grooming products that you and your partner can use

With the growing wave of men who are interested in skin care and other forms of grooming, working together to take care of your skin has become a large part of most modern-day, heterosexual relationships.  

Most women can attest to the fact that there are two types of partners; one who secretly dips into your skin care product stash to treat his skin or one who openly and enthusiastically joins you whenever you do your weekly face mask. 

Either way, you're bound to end up sharing products so we put together a list of items that you and you bae can share: 

1. Natural oils 

natural oils

Natural oils are great for both your skin and your hair so you and your partner can work together to find oils, or mixes of oils that work for your unique needs (e.g.: his beard or your hair). There are also brands, such as Corium Skincare, that sell ready made products - like their lemon brightening serum which aids in lightening pigmentation caused by acne. 

2. African Black Soap 

african black soap

The all-natural plant-based soap also contains shea butter, which moisturizes the skin but doesn't clog pores and this bodes well for people with sensitive skin and a host of skin conditions. 

It has also been known to help fade skin discoloration and dark spots and its antibacterial properties aid in maintaining clear skin if you're prone to breakouts. 

3. Eye cream 

eye cream black women

24 hours in a day isn't always enough and sometimes it starts to show on your face. The best remedy for this is to apply a good eye cream every now and then. 

4. Toner 

woman using toner

If you're not using the three-step cleanse, tone and moisturize method, to clean your face then you're doing it wrong. Both men and women need to incorporate this product into their skincare routine. There are various variants of toner available for different types of skin and their problems. 

5. Face cream 

black man face cream

Men have a tendency to believe in 3-in-products and that's if they use any grooming products at all. We can blame a combination of marketing and myopic, ill-conceived notions of masculinity for this. However, to ensure that your bae stays looking good (and young), introduce him to cream specially formulated for the kind of skin he has. 

There are various affordable options available so that he doesn't need to use his body lotion on his face. 

6. Exfoliator 


Very few people are actually aware of the fact that your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells that regularly "fall off" as micro-flakes. 

Some of those flakes remain behind and only come off when they are washed off. Which is why exfoliation is necessary and this can be achieved through the use of a number of things like loofah's, brushes, bath gloves and different mixes, such as the Corium Citrus exfoliating scrub.

7. Face Masks 

 Even with all the aforementioned practices, skin care just needs a little boost sometimes, which is where face masks come in. You and your bae can sit aside one afternoon each weekend to apply the masks of your choice and just chill while they do their thing. 

Main image credit: instagram.com by @katlegomokubyane