#ZAlebsBeauty - Make up tricks

One this is for sure - "too much" make up is never a good thing 

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#ZAlebsBeauty - Make up do's and don't according to Ellarie

Thank goodness for YouTube. Thanks to the video streaming platform, make up tutorials have not only become a multi-billion dollar industry, but a life line for many women who just find the topic of beauty, cosmetics and skin care to be daunting. 

Various content creators upload content to the platform that the average person finds incredibly useful and one such content creator is American make-up artist, Ellarie who is also a favourite of many local make up artists and ZAlebs. Check out what we learned from her "Do's and Don'ts of make up video."


Don't: put too much product on the brow and don't add extra length to the front of the brow. Basically, don't create a whole new shape 

Do: start with as little product as possible and slowly build it up in such a way that accentuates and corrects the natural shape 

Do: Use a spooly to lighten the pigment and soften the amount of product on the brow 

Don't: use a concealer that is too light 

#ZAlebsBeauty - Make up do's and don't according to Ellarie


Do use a primer

Don't go too light (with the shade) 

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Do use it to help with eyeshadow placement by extending the line beneath the eye to the hairline 

Don't use a concealer that is too light

Don't just stop applying concealer where your nose meets your face - blend it inwards onto the nose

Setting powder: 

Do lightly press your setting powder into your skin 

#ZAlebsBeauty - Make up do's and don't according to Ellarie

Don't just cake it on and let it bake (it become harder to dust off and blend that way) 

#ZAlebsBeauty - Make up do's and don't according to Ellarie

Do use a yellow-tone powder and not just a translucent powder as the yellow-tone powder brings more warmth to your skin 

Do supplement your darker contour with the lighter translucent power to make it pop

Do go over the translucent power with a slightly darker setting powder that is closest to your skin tone 


Don't start too dark by adding too much product to the face. It's harder to blend out and looks harsher in the end 

#ZAlebsBeauty - Make up do's and don't according to Ellarie


Don't use too much 

Do place it between the highlight line and the bronzer/dark contour line 


Do wear eye primer 

Unless you're doing a super defined look, she advises not using too much/too defined brow highlighter 

Do use matte shadows in the crease

#ZAlebsBeauty - Make up do's and don't according to Ellarie

Don't get impatient and tired of blending out brows 

Change your brush size and go smaller as you work your way into your eyelid from the brow inwards

Don't start with a long line when drawing your wing tip. Start small then gradually increase as per your preference

Take note of the look of fuller lashes. Shinier lashes tend to look fake and almost plastic 

Do be precise with your under-eye mascara application 


If you don't line outside your lips properly, it can look "little trashy" according to Ellarie 

Do blend the darker lip liner into the lipstick/lipgloss if you're going for ombre lips 

Watch the full tutorial below:

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